Beaten games 2015

I planned to make a post about the holidays but that will have to wait because
it’s finally time to list all the beaten games of the year, woho!

The goal for the year was to reach 700 beaten games in total and that I did,
thanks to Game of Thrones Season 1 I also reached 70 beaten games this year,
this is the list, I will only write short comments for each game but feel
free to ask if you want details about some game.

To be clear, beaten means that I have played them from start to finish and
for the first time this year, It would be a long list if I included games
like Mega Man, Terranigma or Link to the Past, games that I beat a
couple of times every year.

-One of the “hidden” NES games, definitely good but I just have a hard
time appreciating games that I didn’t play back then now.

MC Kids
-Um, just a platformer among others.

-It feels like I play these just to raise the beaten numbers.

-One of very few RPGs I have beaten on the NES, surprisingly playable
and fun, I probably like it more than the Zelda games.

Arkista’s Ring
-I would never have made it through without savestates. Phew!

Dragon Spirit
-Another Shooter but with a dragon instead of spaceship so it must
be a burn’em up!

-This time a shooter where you only can move in circles around the screen
and shoot in towards the middle, at least some variation to the genre.

Ninja Gaiden II
-I got reminded that I had yet to beat this, I always thought these games
would be extremely hard but they are far from the worst I’ve played.

Ninja Gaiden III
-It’s basically the same game as part II but they have somehow balanced
and polished the controls to perfection! Going back one game
would be impossible after this.

Magical Pop’n
-I never knew this title was this good, a lot of fun mechanics and
nice graphic! Look it up.

-Fun and cool, like shooters should be!

Goof Troop
-Really fun in co-op! There could be some annoying backtracking if
you do things in the wrong order but no big worries.

-I have NEVER backtracked as much as in this “hidden” RPG, it starts of
cozy and reminds of other nice SNES games but it soon get’s ridiculous.
Oh well, I still liked it and need to find a good copy for the collection.

Dragon Quest 1
-Ah, the origin of the series even if I played the SNES remake, already
wrote about this earlier.

Harvest Moon
-I guess this is the second longest game I have ever played.
I won’t return to the series even if it has it’s charm.

Dark Half
-Another game I wanted to play for long. Enix at its finest and I
already wrote about this in another post.

Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Fuurai no Shiren
-Never thought I would see the end of this but thanks to save states
I did and I am glad that I did, really fun game even if I usually don’t
like dungeon crawlers or randomly generated maps.

-Always fun when there is an official game in swedish but it is
not much of a game.

-As good as a shooter gets on the GB I suppose?

Batman: Return of the Joker
-Hm, was this the good one, I always confuse the titles.

For the Frog the Bell Tolls
-Since I found out that it was the same team who made this,
Links Awakening AND Super Metroid I just had to play it.
It really feels like a simplified version of Links Awakening.
Links Awakening is better in every way but it was an interesting journey.

Mega Man 5
-I always assumed this was a port of the NES game but it really
was a unique and good GB game, what a treat.

Kid Dracula
-All platformers like this melt together sadly, they are usually
decent but there is just so many and they are all so short.

Castlevania 2
-Hm, another case where I always believed that it was a bad game
but turned out to be decent at least.

-Haha, you play as the cutest battle tank ever! It was fun.

Trip World
-Emulated of course, not much of a game, it ended far too fast.
A bit interesting at least.

-Over in an hour, a port from the NES but quite cozy.

Yoshis Story
-This is a true abomination, keep away! the game is 6 stages
long and a mockery to Yoshi’s Island.

Banjo Kazooie
-One of the bigger shames, not to have played Kazooie untill 2015!
It was not enjoyable for me, maybe it would have been all those years ago
but not now. The final parts of the game really tried my patience but in a
game of patience I always win.

Mischief Makers
-I was sad to see the wasted potential, a side view platform game for the N64
sounded like a good idea but it is quite awful, at least the bosses are fun.

Pokemon Snap
-It was actually not that bad!

Baten Kaitos Origins
-Maybe my most postpone game? It has never felt so good to finish a game,
I started this so very long ago.
Much better than I remembered and not at all a pain to play.

MR Driller 2
-Quite hard but fun drilling!

Drill Dozer
-It was interesting and good indeed but a bit to repetitive.

Kuru Kuru Kururin
-Just a “mini game” but ever since I saw the title
I have wanted to play it, hehe.

Starfy 2
-Another cute and simple platformer.

The world Ends With You
-I do not travel much but this will forever be associated with a trip that I
made early 2015. unique? Yes. Good? So-so.
I didn’t know what I was doing half the time.

Mario Kart DS
-Finally played this, it worked surprisingly well on a portable console.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
-Ugh, the worst of them all! At least this was the final Zelda game that I had
yet to play, it feels good to be done with the series
(untill the next is released of course).

Dragon Quest 6: Realms of Revelation
-All the exploring! I wish I had played the SNES version but oh well.

Layton and the Miracle Mask
-I am seriously scared to play the final game, I do not want to know how it
ends, the ending in this was far too foreboding.

Pokemon Omega Ruby
-My third Pokemon game, it was a nice experience,
the improvements really made themself apparent.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-The Wii version, I have played it on gamecube before and maybe it
shouldn’t count? Still a good game and not as annoying as I remembered
(the ice temple was a pain 10 years ago).

-This is both a very easy and hard type of game to make. The hard part is
balancing it so that you don’t solve the puzzles the same way every time,
I think it balances just on the right side of being a good game and the
amount of fun I had with this is really high! Try it if you get the chance!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
-Super short, super cute, that is all.

Xenoblade Chronicles X
-This will get a post later of course. But overall, it mostly lives up to my
expectation with a few really annoying mistakes.

Shovel Knight
-I admit that it is good, but not at all the best. The references to other
games are very tastefully implemented, my favorite is the Mario 3 reference
where an enemy or bonus stage appears on the map. That was THE BEST.

Alien Soldier
-Hm, it was over fast but a solid game it is!

Contra Hard Corps
-Just like Alien soldier, Megadrive when it is as best!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
-This might be the hardest game in the series, I don’t remember why but
that is what I thought when I played it.

Wild Arms 3
-So happy I finally beat it, it has been a cursed game for years. Wild Arms 1
is still best but this will probably remain number two in the series.

Wild Arms 4
-One of the absolutely easiest RPGs I have played, Raquel killed the final
(and all other) bosses within two turns… Oh well, the platform elements
and the ending makes it a good game!

Mega Man X Command Mission
-This was an interesting game, Mega Man + RPG, glad that I beat it

Triggerheart Exelica
-In the end, just another Shooter, I had hoped it would be a bit mor unique.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
– In contrast to liberty city stories, this might have been the easiest game
in the series! I didn’t die once for the first half of the game!

Mimana: Iyar Chronicles
-I knew this would be a “B” RPG but it really is the definition of second-rate
RPGs, there is no reason to ever play this game. I got fooled by the
information that they use the Tales of battles, it is true that they do but
it’s far simpler than even Phantasia…

Half Minute Hero
-Finally I got to play this, One of the few and best PSP games that is
not a remake!

LA Noire
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
-A fun co-op beat-em-up that I played with a friend.

Beyond: Two Souls
-My expectations where as low as could be, BUT in the end I liked this better
than Heavy Rain and even though it might be a weak game it still beats
any movie.

Tales of Zestiria
-The yearly Tales of, maybe it should get its own post but in short,
great battles that add a whole new dimension with the “character fusing”.
Better environments than Xillia but still, a bit empty and a dull…
One of the most boring Tales of casts as well and quite a weak story but
as usual the final result still makes a solid game and I really hope they
will keep using and improving the battle transition.

The Walking Dead: Season 2
-I liked the first season better but this is more
polished and have less slow parts.

Tomb Raider
-I am always sceptical when games like this gets praised to the heavens
and get 10/10 everywhere but man, this was a quality game!
I hated the first 30 minutes and almost gave up but after that it just got
better and better, the gameplay surpasses Uncharted and the
more open world is just so nice!

-Well, this might not count since I have played it on PS3 before.
Still, top three of the last generation, can’t wait for Nier 2!

Game of Thrones Season 1
-I played it on 360, it might have been my copy but some parts of the game
was nearly unplayable thanks to bugs and freezing…
Anyway, this game makes the TV show look like a nice show to watch
with your kids, I expected misery and that is what I got!

Momodora 3
-Ah, this is pure fun to play, I prefer part 2 in the series which
is more like a Castlevania game but this is a nice mix of the first
two games, really recommended!

-Another Metroidvania, extremely nice mechanics but sadly the game
is too small both in length and the actual size of the environments
to use them properly.

Castle in the Darkness
-It is truly sad that people have missed this, it was released around the same
time as Shovel Knight and I blame the poor timing. This is far superior to
Shovel Knight even if the focus a bit on different types of platforming.
This is more metroidvania style but on an extreme level that reminds of
VVVVVV. I should write a full post about this too.
The soundtrack is the best released this year!

Hotline Miami 2
-Just like the first game, I like them both even if there is much to improve.

Rogue Legacy
-Much more fun than I expected but it felt like it could have
taken twice as long if you are unlucky.

Environmental Station Alpha
-I have no choice but to name this game of the year! It was a totally
unexpected game that I had heard nothing about, it was only by chance I
found it and I thank the stars, the best platform game since Super Metroid,
well maybe since Sotn, but really, it is up there and beating the game is only
20% of the content, the secrets never end!

8 thoughts on “Beaten games 2015

  1. Bra tempo! 104-utmaning för dig i år då 🙂

    Crystalis är en personlig favorit till Nes. Coolt att SNK ligger bakom det med tanke på vad de annars brukar utveckla för spel. Klart bättre än Zelda.

    Jag och en kompis spelar en hel del Co-Op och tror nog Goof Troop är det bästa Co-Op-spelet. Inte bästa spelet vi kört men ett som verkligen känns byggt för 2 spelare. Många gånger blir det bara att slå skiten ur en fiende på sitt hörn. Roligt men inte mkt samarbete 🙂

    Espark ser iaf snyggt ut. Finns på engelska antar jag?

    For the Frog the Bell Tolls ser intressant ut. Letar för fullt efter en reprokassett. Nån dag så!

    Körde du The world Ends With You på DS?
    Själv hade jag svårt den utgåvan utan för ovanlighetens skull fastnade jag mer för iOS-releasen.

    Snart får du läsa om sista delen av Layton “hos mig” 😉

    Som jag skrev i min lista för året så hade jag ju kommit av mig i Xenoblade Chronicles X. Största anledningen är för jag känner mig smått besviken. Saknar framförallt fokus på storyn som i originalet men blir det bättre längre in eller handlar det i stort sätt om att göra “sidouppdrag”?


  2. ja det vart en hel del spelande trotts allt, jag sänkte tempot något när jag insåg att 700 inte skulle något problem att nå men att passera 100 spel på ett år kommer jag troligen aldrig göra igen, nu satsar jag på 50 spel om året tills jag når 1000!

    Hehe, ja att säga att SNK utvecklat ett bättre RPG än Zelda är nog rätt provocerande för många men kul att vi är två åtminstone!

    Jag förstår även vad du menar med Goof Troop, verkligen anpassat för två spelare och det lär bli fler omgångar med andra i framtiden.

    Ingen översättning på Esparks tyvärr, jag lyckades ta mig igenom med guide. svårt att inte få lite Link to the Past och Secret of Mana-vibbar men som sagt drar allt springande fram och tillbaka ner betyget en hel del.

    Hoppas att du finner For the Frog the Bell Tolls, verkar vara halvsvårt att hitta japanska exemplar med.

    Det var DS-versionen för mig, som sagt lite rörigt att hålla koll på hur man skulle dra på skärmen för att utföra alla attacker så det vart ofta att man använde samma eller bara viftade över skärmen i desperation, haha.

    Ajajaj, bäst att jag blundar då!

    Med risk för att dra ner ditt intresse mer så förblir storyn mycket svag i Xenoblade X tyvärr, det tar en rätt intressant vändning ca halvvägs men jämfört mot ettan så finns det minimalt med story. Jag var rätt beredd på att det skulle vara på det viset och för mig handlar spelet till största del om utforskningen!


  3. Wow, so many games! O_o
    Haha, Bamse! I loved that game! Used to play it all the time on my GameBoy although the setting had nothing to do with Bamse at all. (Dinosaurs and palm trees and what not. XD) It was just some random game that they decided to market towards Swedish kids with the help of our favorite bear. 😛

    I haven’t come around to playing Baten Kaitos Origins myself, even though I own it and was a sucker for Baten Kaitos back in the day. (The music! <3) I need to set up my GameCube and use a boot disc for imported games though. Kind of a hassle right now, so maybe later.

    Oooh Wild ARMs 3 and 4! For some reason it took me 3 (or was it 4?) tries to complete WA3. WTF. Wild ARMs 4 was a blast in its own way, but implemented some new ideas that weren't the greatest maybe. Like no real world map. I remember filling out a poll from MediaVision where they asked us gamers what we wanted to see in the next WA game and the result was WA5 – one of my favorites in the series. But I loved Raquel in WA4, she totally kicked butt (like you said) and she had quite a tragic story as well.

    I'm very glad that I completed Zestiria before even thinking about starting Xenoblade X. It's like you say, they cranked it up a notch compared to the mundane Xillia-games, but in comparison… no. Just no. The world of Mira kicks everything's butt. Big time.

    And Nier… Still have to complete that game. Played 16 hours and then stuff got in the way I guess. But I liked it. I will complete it, someday!


    1. A lot of games indeed, a big part of Harvest Moon was at least played last year, it does not keep track of time but it easily passed 100 hours in total.

      Hehe, yeah, Bamse is not the first or the last game who got that treatment!

      Ah, the good old Freeloader, maybe it would be a good idea to get a US gamecube someday. But yes, the Baten Kaitos games are magical. The music, the environments!

      Same for me, I have tried to get trough Wild Arms 3 a lot of times before but this time I finally made it all the way. Maybe it just starts too slow?
      Raquel is the best! It’s hard not to miss the world map but I look forward to playing the rest of the series (especially Alter Code F).

      The level of detail is just on another scale when it comes to Xenoblade X, a lot or almost all PS3 RPGs actually suffers the same problem…

      It should be highly prioritized to finish Nier! At least you have listened to the music but it is the second and third endings that takes it from a good game to the best of the generation. I hope you get the time before Nier 2 is released whenever it may be.


      1. Alter Code F – yeah, that game was an okay remake of WA1 I guess, but it was dreadfully ugly in some places. :/ The characters for example. (Here is an old review I wrote for GRRLGAMER back in the day: )

        Hm, I don’t know if I think WA3 starts slow. It has pretty good progression. The first time I tried to finish it, I was in that place where you can take some of the last boss’ systems out and you had to walk on an invisible walkway at one point and blow icedust in front of yourself to be able to see the road. I fell off so many times and after I don’t know how many attempts, I was very close to just chuck my PS2-controller into the floor, but I didn’t, and just switched off the game instead. But yeah, third time (I think) was the charm for me on WA3, a bit embarrassing actually. XD

        Yeah, let’s hope I can play through Nier before it’s time for round two. So cool that a follow up is on its way though! 😀


  4. Wow that is an impressive list of games!
    Now I need to play that For the Frog the bell tolls, I had no idea it was the Link’s Awakening team who did it.
    And wow! Castle in the Darkness looks amazing, just checked a trailer and if the music in the trailer is what inside the game, hot damn!


  5. It is, but some of the games are there just because I knew they would be short, maybe not the best reason to play a game.

    It is quite crazy and interesting to play when you know that they later made the masterpiece Super Metroid too, some of the good design is already showing.

    Glad you looked up Castle in the Darkness, I already told Lania about the amazing soundtrack and hot damn is a good description of it!
    Sadly there is only a PC version so far but hopefully more people will get to play it in the future.


    1. Well I think it’s okay to play short handed to, even if it’s just to fill a list.
      Yeah, I checked up in the OST and man it was good. Hopefully it will come to consoles too.


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