Top 5 Xeno items part 2

Time for the second of the five favorite items, that should be my fourth best
item but you could probably put them in any order, at least this one has
the best story.

The item is none other than (drum roll):

-Partitura Orginale Di Xenosaga Episodio Uno-

I have been in love with this book since I first saw it years ago in the
Procyon Studio store. Sadly it was already sold out back then and this is
definitely the one item that I have spent the most time searching for.
Funny enough I got all four of the items left on the list from the same
seller and I am very grateful that he sold me these items.

The book itself is a very limited score book released by Procyon STudio
and Yasunori himself, not by Namco. Unlike other books like this which
usually only contains a few song and usually only piano arrangements
this one contains all the orchestrated tracks from Episode I AND the
notes for EVERY instrument! That is a crazy thing to make and as Yasunori
writes in the book you can see every little mistake in there and he was a
bit nervous writing it, hehe.
If you know how to read notes and happen to have an orchestra you can
recreate the music exactly as it is in Episode I with this information.

Sadly this was another impossible item to get a good photo of but let us
bask in the glory of this 300 pages thick book, he really went all out,
red textile with golden text, really good quality for the paper as well but
sadly I didn’t think ahead and took photos of the inside.


The best part of all is the part where I actually met Yasunori and got him
to sign the book! Like most books this one have a few blank pages at the
beginning and what better way to fill them out than the signature
of the creator himself!
It has already been a few years since he visited Sweden and the
Symphonic Fantasies concert where you could meet him afterwards, I will
never forget his surprised reaction when I unwrapped a few layers of
bubble wrap and presented the book, haha.
It should be a good indication of how rare something is when even
the creator is surprised to see it. Besides meeting Yasunori the highlight
of that night was hearing “People Seized With Life” from Chrono Cross live,
something I never thought would happen this lifetime!

This probably should be my number one item after all but
look forward to the last three!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Xeno items part 2

  1. That book is nice. NICE!!
    I never thought I would know someone who owned it, but then again you are the XenoCollector master.
    It’s a lovely thing and that you have his autograph in it too just makes it more awesome. 😀


  2. Indeed, the collection has really come a long way, it feels like yesterday
    that I first saw your collection and was so jealous that you had the 1/8 KOS-MOS figure, hehe.


  3. ““People Seized With Life” from Chrono Cross live

    Wow that is something I’d love to see, lucky

    As for this Partitura, I swear I will own this someday. I’m an amateur music guy who studied composition years ago and always wanted this thing to study the Xenosaga OST closely, but as you say it was sold out universally when I found out about it. At this rate I’ll be forking over the better part of $200 US to get my hands on it, I’d love to transcribe it digitally into a scoring program and I know how to do this. I have to say it is an awfully rare thing for such a book to be sold especially regards to games music.

    I have to ask you what you did pay for this though, if you want to e-mail me @


  4. Lucky indeed and not something I ever thought would be possible
    when I played the game all those years ago, a memory for life!

    I have always felt a bit bad for hogging a copy without being able to “use”
    it since I know just how rare and amazing this is to a “music guy” like you, hehe.

    I am a bit busy this week but I will gladly e-mail you as soon as I can
    with the price and maybe speak some more!


    1. I know this is an absolute long shot… but I am a HUGE fan of Yasunori Mitsuda. Seriously, he has sculpted my development as a musician since Chrono Trigger. I am a professional musician and I was wondering if you would be willing to photograph the pages inside the book. If you were able to send them to me clean enough to read the notes (they don’t have to be amazing photos… just legible so I can read the notes), I could input the information into Sibelius (a music notation program) and create PDFs to share with people (for free, I’m not interested in trying to make a profit on this, I just want to learn and share).

      This would be AMAZING information to share with people so that they can learn from one of the masters of video game music!

      I already transcribe and share my works publicly. You can see video game transcriptions I have done at…

      I am legit and I would love to be able to make this information available to musicians. It’s not so much that I want it “free,” because I actually just bought Xenogears solo piano book, but this is a VERY high price and an EXTREMELY rare item.

      Please let me know if this would be a task you would be interested in. We can even do it piece by piece so that you don’t have to photograph the entire book all at once.

      Seriously, I know it’s a long shot, but this would be amazing.


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