My holidays

I have so many posts to write but let’s start with this one about the holidays.

The standard way to celebrate christmas up here is to eat more food in a week than you usually eat in a month, give away presents and for some reason put small santa figures all over the house!
That is basically how I celebrated as well, I had planned to spend most of the time in Mira (Xenoblade X’s world) but some other things got in the way.

Every year I see people who get crazy things like new consoles etc as a christmas gift and I wonder how in the world people can afford to give away things like that… well, this year it was my turn!!
I couldn’t believe my eyes when my brother handed over a freaking PS4, aaah! That was some surprise, of course I see right trough his evil plot, he just wants to play the FF7 remake when it finally arrives, hehe.
No, but seriously this was the best!


My sister also gave me the WiiU version of Shovel Knight (the only thing I actually wished for) and of course I played that, played some board games with the family and ate some more.
Sadly my friends where busy the entire holiday and I actually had some time over for this little project:


When I last visited ikea I bought two of these “roll-wagons”, they were super effective! Perfect to store console parts on while they dry after a much-needed cleaning.
There is no after picture right now but the golden 64+controller is really nice. Sadly the green one is quite damaged but will works in a pinch.

Lastly it was time for New Year’s Eve, me and my sister usually celebrate it at my place with a film marathon but this year we spent it with her boyfriend and a few of their friends.
It’s always exhausting for me to meet new people but they where nice and we worked together to make a three dish meal and played some board games all night. Well, the food took quite some time and the game Caverna around 4 hours, it was a really fun and complex game
that I gladly play again. I spent the night and took the bus back to my town the next day and even if it was just one night, I instantly feel exhausted and start to miss my games, puh. Oh well, all in all some really nice holidays.

Next time on the Xenosagacollector: Top 5 Xeno items part 2

6 thoughts on “My holidays

  1. Yeah, the holidays can be quite energy draining. That’s one of the reasons I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore.
    Man that’s one kind brother you have! Guess you’ll had to add me on the PS4 later then too. 😉

    I understand completely the part about being away from home and it draining you. That’s usually how I feel.
    I’m glad you had a good time and I’ll hope you’ll continue to have a good time. Take care and I’m already looking forward to your next post.


  2. Energy draining indeed, there should be a vacation to rest up from the vacation, hehe.
    Kind is the word, I don’t think I could give something that expensive away even if I could afford it, I would just end up buying games for myself… Oh well, I gave him a copy of Perfect Works (reprint) last year and you can’t put a price on perfection!

    I will put up the next post during the weekend and of course I will add you as soon as I have set up my account on the PS4.


  3. Härligt med en PS4:a och “stekig” termometer 🙂
    Brukade alltid bli mkt klappar tidigare jular innan man började jobba men blivit mindre senaste åren.
    Enda jag kom på att önska mig i år var en presentkort, riskokare och sushi-tallrikar. Inga spel alls faktiskt.

    Du har inga kontroller till salu? Är på jakt efter lite ersättare till halvt trasiga och 2nd-player kontroller. Kan skriva en lista på några jag måste skaffa ifall du har.


  4. Verkligen härligt, jag såg inte fram emot att behöva köpa en till konsol nu när jag precis skaffade WiiU, PS4 var mer är nog med presenter men både en stekig termometer och grilliga bestick är något jag har saknat i mitt kök, hehe.

    Hm, du kan höra av dig med en lista på vilka sorter du behöver men det enda jag kan garantera att jag har i överskott är Megadrive kontroller.


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