Added some Xeno posters!

Just a short but cool update today with the latest Xeno items, some of them
arrived a while ago but I wanted to wait until they all got here.

First we have a dual-sided poster from Episode I.II, the DS game:

I regret not getting this a few years ago, not expensive but hard to find.
It only came with a magazine and sadly all copies are folded like this,
still, a really lovely picture with some even more lovely colors.

Next out something that has been high up on my wanted list for years,
the US Episode II promo poster! It is a bit damaged, I paid way too much
including the shipping and custom fees but I’m very happy to finally
cross this of the list, a really nice seller too!

I don’t think I have seen one of these since my early collecting days,
also from the US and not really a poster but a promo cut-out from
Episode III!! You know I love my Episode III items and this one was a
surprise and not really on my list, yay. The “U-DO” colors man!
A big thanks to this seller as well!

Does anyone from the US know if there was another one like this
but promoting the T-elos poster instead?

That’s all for today but both more Xeno and another
soundtrack post is coming up very soon!

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