More boxes, less space

As I said, there will be quite a few posts, this time an update on the boxes
I have gotten this year.

First out is Eldorado Gate, a SEVEN part RPG released on Dreamcast, I have
always been interested in this and always wanted to get the limited box
with all seven games. A friend finally sold his copy to me last month,
many thanks!

The box is a darker green but the camera can’t capture it sadly.
It’s actually made in plastic and not the usual cardboard.

All the games (yes they all have their “spine”) and a small booklet with
Yoshitaka Amano art.

As a bonus I got this one from the same friend:

One of the few boxes like this released on SFC, Angelique Premium box,
a nice item to have in the collection.

Actually from the same friend once again, haha,
my number one supplier of boxes this year:

Officially my first Vita game, I already have the PS4 version
of the game and just wanted the box.

A bit expensive but I do love it, the figurines and the pop-up book
are the best! (even if a real artbook would be even better)

Lastly we have this monster:

There is plenty of pictures to find on the internet so I didn’t bother to
photo the inside but it is filled to the brim, a massive artbook, music box,
Vinyl disc, a pop-up background-screen, making of disc, steelbook! Phew!

I had to do some rearranging to make room for all of these, I should maybe
take some new overview pictures soon.

Next up we have even more soundtracks followed by a crazy Xeno update,
stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “More boxes, less space

  1. That is one impressive box for Eldorado Gate. Can’t seem to recall I’ve heard anything of that game before, but man that is one lovely collection.
    I’m already sitting here waiting for your Xeno update. Hook it up in my veins!


  2. Again, love it, also it is a “not for sale” item, not sure what you had to do to get it, probably buy all 7 games and send in the registration cards or something like that.
    A fan-translation is probably too much to hope for in this case but I will start them up and at least try it someday.

    Haha, I’m also excited to show more Xeno! But the best for last etc. hehe.


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