Xenogears 20th Anniversary merchandise

As usual everything takes longer than expected when I’m involved but here it
finally is, I didn’t think I would ever make a new addition this large
again to the Xeno collection:

Look at them all! I have actually had them for a while but they still seem
unreal and my wallet is still hurting bad. I was prepared for the music box
and assumed that there would be some pamphlets maybe but it was a small
chock when they announced all the other items just a few days before the
20th anniversary concert.

Let’s take a quick look at them all, sadly all of them are new and unopened
and since it is too early to know how rare and expensive it will be to find
sealed copies in the future I don’t dare to open any.

Just a bunch of papers listing the merchandise and some other events etc.

This is a plastic case to hold your tickets, quite pointless I would say but still

This is a set of three file folders to hold your papers, I still don’t understand why they are so fixated about them in Japan, oh well, looking nice

This is the second folder, the third is sealed in between so no picture

Then we have a black cloth bag to hold all the merchandise, hehe

Or maybe a white one? A bit overkill with two different,
I would just have gone with this white one

Now for the good parts, this is a nice set of two key chains, one in the
save point color (memory cube) and one in the party exchange point color,
really nice, I will try to get an open copy in the future but be sure to
look them up!

This might be the highlight, a book with art, info and some new interviews
with both Takahashi and Mitsuda! Best of all, it didn’t come sealed so I
could take a look, more or less a miniature version of Perfect Works,
there is already scans of it to find on the internet
so be sure to take a look at it yourself!

Can’t wait for a translation, quite a long interview.

Ah, finally the little music box, only available to those with a “Solaris” ticket,
I have no idea how many copies that means but I don’t suspect to see too
many of them in a year or two, once again it is sealed but of course
it plays “Faraway Promise” and is just the best as a collector item!

That’s it, amazing! Don’t expect any bigger collection updates for a while,
I will keep working my way towards the 1000 beaten games and will probably
write about a few interesting once that I have beaten recently.

10 thoughts on “Xenogears 20th Anniversary merchandise

  1. That is good to see you managed to snag all of that. I see there is a translation project started for the book. I don’t know if I ever mentioned, but I have the pamphlet and some other memorabilia I imported from the Chrono Cross 15th anniversary concerts, T-shirts, tote bag.

    I wonder if anyone would want scans of that book and then maybe it can be translated as well.


    1. Really happy that I was able to get it all fast, a bit mixed feelings when they announced everything between the joy of NEW Xenogears items but also feeling the road to a complete collection becoming longer, haha.

      Glad to hear a translation is in the works!

      Oh, that is a cool Chrono Cross item indeed and I didn’t know that CC also got so many new items thanks to the concert. I’m sure someone would be willing to translate that one as well. I think I have said it before but I have considered starting a Chrono collection but seeing that Xeno still keeps me busy and all the RPGs I still plan to add I don’t think it will ever happen sadly.


  2. Btw, anyone who likes the series can join there. Also we are working on translations for the 20th anni. pamphlet and other various things, which will be a point of entry to the discussions


  3. So. I came across your site doing a search for Xenosaga stuff on google and I’m just…blown away…by literally everything you have!! Up until this moment I was the biggest Xenosaga fan I knew of as I know like two people in real life who’ve even played the games and I’m just in awe to discover someone who has this big of a Xenosaga collection (some things in it that I’ve never even come across/heard of and I thought I knew of all the Xeno merch!!) and such a huge rpg collection/game collection in general. Who are you, are you an eccentric millionaire who only humbly talks of their game collection online? Can we be best friends lol? Like you have no idea how much I’m geeking out right now looking at your collection, all your Final Fantasy stuff, all the rare stuff you have, I literally teared up looking at your Xenosaga I promo standee because I had no idea it even existed and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Bravo man, seriously just…bravo, this is the most amazing collection I have ever seen in my entire life, I love every single thing. I thought I had some rare stuff but you just knock me (and probably everyone else lol) out of the water with your epic collection!

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