Another 4-pack of soundtracks

Yes, that’s how I buy them, haha.

Let’s just get into the good part:

The Tales of Legendia OST has been on my most wanted list forever, a real
favorite and a soundtrack I have listened to MANY times, the difference
between the actual CD and the files I have on the computer was bigger
than expected, such quality, as if the orchestra was in the room!

I didn bother to unfold it but it was a surprise to see a small poster included:

While on the topic with Legendia and Go Shiina I also had to get the
God Eater soundtrack, sadly I will never finish the games or know
where all this GODly music fits…

Trusty Bell, or Eternal Sonata as we know it over here is another
favorite that I more or less had on repeat after beating the game,
a 4 hour soundtrack for a 15 hour RPG, that is impressive!

Had to show this cute “spine” with art on the back of it:

Lost Odyssey is still sealed, I’m not sure if I want to open an
already 10+ years old soundtrack (!) love it either way!

I have two more soundtracks stuck in customs but after that I will be done
with them for now and hopefully go back to collecting GAMES again.

Next time, the highly anticipated Xeno post!

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