Beaten game number… 1000!! -Chaos Seed-

Yes! With this simple image my long journey to a thousand BEATEN games
finally came to a close:

I actually beat it about one month ago but I have been too busy enjoying my
“freedom” to write about it, sorry!

Let’s talk about the 1000th game first, Chaos Seed, a very worthy game
of the title 1000th I should say. A SNES/SFC had to be the final one
of course and I wanted it to be a long/massive game and this surely
fit that demand too!

I actually didn’t include this in my SFC RPG collection until recently
because I thought it was more of a strategy game but in the end it really
is a mix of all kinds of genres including both strategy/RTS and Action RPG.

The main focus however is to BUILD caves (and crawl in them), you have
resources that you use to expand the cave, upgrade production, buy monsters
that fight for you etc. I am very impressed with how advanced the building
is and how well it works once you get the hang of it, it is a very complex
game and it has one of the longest tutorials I have ever seen but
especially on the SNES, luckily it is very well done and modern games
could learn a thing or two from it.

A big part of the game is also Feng Shui and how energies flow
between rooms, you have to think about what kind of room you put where
and how you connect them with corridors.

(notice the map in the lower left corner, you have very free control
over the size and formation of the cave)

Once you build your cave monsters will start to invade and destroy
your rooms, you can either set up monsters that guard your rooms at a
set path or run over and defeat them yourself, like I said the combat is
Action RPG with a pretty advanced moveset, the biggest downside in this
game is however the slowdowns, the SNES has a hard time dealing with big
dungeons, a main party of four characters and up to four more parties of
four members each, not to mention the enemies that can crowd the rooms fast
as well! Fighting the bosses are luckily a bit more pleasant and there are
some cool and good ones!

Most of the time is spent in the dungeons you build, the game is split into
chapters and it’s usually only one cave per chapter but sometimes you get to
visit a beautiful town like this:

I really like the town parts, really pretty and it’s crowded with NPCs and
animated animals in some areas which makes it feel very alive!

Overall there are some amazing pixels in the game and once again it’s really
“pushing” the SNES, as expected from such a late game, created by Neverland,
the team behind Lufia II after all! Same music composer too, what can go wrong!

Just look at these:

Anyway, this game has it all, I haven’t even mentioned the 26 different
endings or the part where the game turns into a classic murder mystery
when you get locked into an INN and have to figure out
who the murderer is, haha!

I really enjoyed the game but it would still be hard to recommend to
just anyone, it is long and it can be quite hard at times even if you don’t
go for all endings etc.

Here we have them, the whole family together:

Sooo, now that I finally beat 1000 games I can finally work on my top list and
return to all the favorites, what a dream. You can see all 1000 games in
the “Beaten Games” section. I probably don’t dare to post a top 1000 games
since I can already see it is going to be a very provoking list, hehe.
But I should be able to show you my top 100 and some more specific ones soon!

2 thoughts on “Beaten game number… 1000!! -Chaos Seed-

  1. Thanks! The good part is that you should have a few hundred good games left to play then, hehe. I look forward to posting it, a few titles should be obvious but it really feels like my own and unique list.


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