My worst nightmare

Well maybe not THE worst but one of the things I have been dreading for years
is now taking place, it’s called…moving!

I have known about this move for a while but done my best to forget and
ignore it but now there is no way to do that anymore.

My entire neighbourhood is getting renovated and soon it will be my turn
for a temporary move while they upgrade everything from bathroom and
kitchen to paint and the electricity/outlets.

As you might guess this means the entire collection needs to move as
well and since they will need access to the walls/outlets
that includes the shelves as well…

Luckily I have/had a lot of time to prepare, step one was going through
all the SFC games, I test played, cleaned some and documented the
condition of over 200 RPGs in one week, what a week!
I can say that all of them work and as far as I could tell all still
had their battery memory intact. A few were to hard/slow to confirm tho.

A more effective but less pretty way to store them!

I just like this picture, pick a game, any game

A very light but delicate moving box of empty SFC boxes


The rest of the games were more straight forward to package,
I sorted out quite a few that doesn’t fit the collection and will be
sold (hopefully) to finance the move. There is quite some expenses,
aside from many many moving boxes and a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap
I will sadly have to rebuild the Xeno shelves to fit a new
ventilation system… I will also need to repaint and make some
adjustment to all shelves, buy some new ones in my other rooms etc.
there are just a lot of expenses adding up!

Once all the games, soundtracks, guides and other parts of the collection
were finally in boxes I saved the Xeno collection for last, I thought that
now would be my chance to finally display it all since
all the shelves were free!

…Sadly I will have to accept that I will never be able to display it all
at once, even with 150 foot of shelf space a lot of items are stacked or
hidden, not to mention all the cards and posters or the standees…
oh well it was a good attempt.

It has been quite exhausting packaging all these delicate items,
where there once was Xeno there now stands a wall of boxes:

Actually, by now there stands double layers of boxes, I finally managed to
take down the shelves yesterday with the help of my brother and sort out
the final cables into the last moving box, almost 100 of them… in that room.
We’ll see if I have the time to rebuild and paint the shelves before moving
but otherwise there is nothing left to to in this room.

There is literally nowhere to stand in there, a table and
couch filled with items are hiding somewhere in there too.

I really wanted to update and tell you all about what is going on
before I move on to deconstruct the rest of my home.
A true pain and I have already started to dream about
boxes and moving during night, haha!

Oh well, let’s see the positive sides, I will get a much nicer home
in the end and I also got to look through the ENTIRE collection,
sort some things out and clean places that you normally can’t reach.

I do have some new interesting Xeno items to show but they will
have to wait, expect more moving chaos for now!

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