2020 the year of… PS1 collecting?

Haha, maybe not ideal and not something I would have
guessed I would postpone this far into the future but
I really hope this will be the year when I finally complete
my english PS1 RPG collection.

This is atleast a VERY good start:

These were NOT cheap, but I’m just so happy to have found them both and
without having to import them, not to mention both in top condition!
I look forward to play Ogre Battle someday, not in the mood
at the moment though (I know how long it is)

Thanks to a friend I can also erase these two from the wanted list!
How fitting that I just beat Grandia HD (still just as good today).
King’s Field will need some more cleaning, that sticker residue was
quite stubborn, otherwise a nice and quite rare
Nordic edition of the game.

15 games to go!

4 thoughts on “2020 the year of… PS1 collecting?

  1. Oof, PS1 collecting. Still my bane! I tell myself “I really don’t need Persona and Persona 2. Not for that price, I don’t!” … But I’m still sitting here occasionally glancing over at them. I knew I should have bought them in the 2000s when they were still in the double digits! This is a collection that is going to take me a long while to finish. I’m glad to see it is proceeding smoothly for you, though! At least, smoothly enough so far. 🙂 Do you plan on having a PS1 Collection page, like you do for SFC and PS2? I’d love to see that!


  2. Haha, yeah, we are in the same position with Persona…
    I already have them both on PSP and don’t even like the
    series yet they will probably be the biggest step towards
    completing the collection. I had hoped to win them in an
    auction a few months ago but, they ended at $160 and $180(!)

    But thanks, it’s going better than expected and completing
    should be possible this year. Of course I will put up a section
    where you can view them all then!


    1. I can’t help it! Somehow I always seem to collect things at
      the worst of times, I recently checked some prices and it
      seems almost all the titles I’m missing is up 25% just since
      a year ago… Oh well, my dream and goal remains unchanged!


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