T-elos and Instagram


It has been two long weeks with a very stubborn cold for me but now
I’m finally feeling better and thought I would make a small update.

First of all I have finally set up my Instagram account, a lot of
collectors show their collections over there so I thought I should join too.
It is quite fast and easy to upload pictures and find others
with similar interests so I can see why it’s popular.

For now I plan to upload one picture from every game I play but expect
to also see some collectibles faster than I can upload them here.
Either way it will not replace this as the number one place to see
my collection considering the limited resolution etc.


Next up we have the first Xeno item of the year:

Boom! This is where even I start to question what I’m doing with my money
and the collection. I could probably have waited even longer and gotten
a better price but I have already postponed buying this since
the release (2014) and since I sold a large set of Xeno items at once
the money went straight back into this so basically a trade
(that’s what I tell myself at least, haha).

It might look like dust or scratches in the picture but apparently the
box is very glittery, I did not know that until now, probably because
cameras have a hard time capturing it. Either way a really nice box
that I probably should display at least.

Still a bit torn about these “garage kits” but it is fully licensed and
one of the biggest and most luxurious after all so I guess it’s a must!

A strong start to the Xeno year but like I have promised over and over,
I have a lot of items from last year yet to be revealed!

One thought on “T-elos and Instagram

  1. I’m glad you’re on Instagram now! Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little demotivated with posting on it recently but I think I need to stop worrying about trying too hard with my pictures and just post whatever I feel like. That’s the thought process I’m having with a lot of other things this year, and that’s been doing me good so far! ^^

    Oh wow, a 1/4 T-elos figure! Well, garage kit. But at least it is a CharaGumin, which I believe are at least painted with the base colors, but no shading. Although that doesn’t matter much, since you won’t be opening it. But I imagine that was a pretty penny! I absolutely use the same mindset of “Well, if I sold this thing and then put the money back into something I really wanted, it was technically a trade!” At least, that’s what I told myself when I got rid of Ar nosurge Plus and used the money on Popful Mail. 😉


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