The 176 part two

I can gladly announce that all of the games actually are sold, woho!
A nice buyer that I have traded games with in the past contacted me
and we managed to make a deal including all Playstation games that
where left and also some SFC games. In total I sent over 200 games,
by far the biggest amount I have ever sold at one time, sure I
didn’t become rich since most games cost a dollar or two but it
feels really good to finally clean up the collection and make
room for new games.

Some of the games will be missed, they have been a part of the
collection for a while after all. If you wonder why I had them all
to begin with the reason is simple, I bought some large bulks
years ago to pick out all of the RPGs!

Oh well, goodbye games:


So, what to fill up all the empty space with? Thanks to JRPGeek the answer is
the amazing Bravely Default Deluxe Box (PAL version with the Agnes figure)!


I am really happy to finally have it! It was impossible to take a good
picture but there is plenty to find on the INTERNET, the best part
besides the good game, artbook etc must be the texture of the box,
it looks more like textile instead of the usual cardboard:


A really nice and luxurious box!

5 thoughts on “The 176 part two

    1. Yeah, I love artbooks! 😀 My god, there’s so much that I wanna buy… Soundtracks, artbooks… I had a bit of a slump and didn’t purchase soundtracks in the same amount that I used to but I wanna pick that up again. I bought the soundtrack for Bravely Default of course and that really ignited the spark.


  1. All the stuff! I really hope that you will pick up the soundtrack collection again and Bravely Default is a good start, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the track Land of Glaze in real speakers, what sound, the 3DS can’t do the music justice!


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