My most expensive game, or what happens when a friend goes to Japan

I recently mentioned a couple of expensive items entering the collection and
one of those items is the Chrono Trigger V-jump edition!
Now officially my most expensive game, at least the one game I have spent
most money to get, some games might be worth more if I sell them and I
do not include special editions like Advent Pieces.

Of course it was just a matter of time before I would get the
V-jump version but I hadn’t plan to get it right now, I only asked my
friend to get the three Nippon Ichi boxes at the top and any PS1/PS2 RPGs
he could find, I didn’t expect to get both Chrono Trigger and half a
Tales of collection, hehe.


Time for a close up:


As you can see there is sadly a small discoloring in the corner and some
small scuffs but as usual it shows much more when you flash it with a
camera and overall it is in better shape than most copies.
All papers including the one that congratulates you on getting one of the
2000 copies are still there and in excellent condition, I am happy!


Finally all three come together, I have never understood why people
call the color metallic rose untill I saw it in real life but you
can at least get a hint of it in this picture.

I somehow managed to fit the rest of the games as well,
for now the tales of games hides behind the .Hack boxes:


And this became a Nippon Ichi/ YS shelf, the only thing missing
is YS5 which will take Lagoons place later.


Puh, this was a really big update for the collection, I can’t
remember when I added this many GOOD games at the same time!

Many thanks for finding these games!

5 thoughts on “My most expensive game, or what happens when a friend goes to Japan

    1. I just hope to find a better spot for the Tales of games but thanks!

      I have actually been looking for the PS2 version of Symphonia ever since I first heard of it and now when I finally found a copy it only took two weeks before I got my second copy… this always happens for some reason. Just let me know if you need one, hehe.


  1. Ja mycket kul blev det, äntligen kan man spela det senaste Suikoden, haha.

    När det gäller Summon Night har jag bara spelat dom två till GBA (Swordcraft Story 1 och 2) som vad jag förstått ska vara något av ett sidospår men dom gillades starkt! Striderna påminner en hel del om gamla Tales of-spel vilket såklart gör det intressant direkt. Förhoppningsvis blir det tid över att utforska resten av serien med.


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