Beaten game number 8 Earthbound

Considering how many games I actually beat it is quite far between these
posts but this is a game that needs to be mentioned.

I have confessed earlier that this one was missing on my beaten list and
not only did it take me over 20 years before I finally beat it, I have also
spent all those years having a grudge or something against the game.
I rarely change my mind about things and it feels extra painful having to
eat up all the negative words and feelings towards the game now
because I did like it after all!

The thing that put me off is probably the thing others like about the game,
it was too different for me, the game greets you with things like aliens,
cops, and a really odd graphic style. Instead of dragons and slime you
fight PARKING METERS! Also, I have always found the NPC:s really disturbing:



But as my 250th RPG I thought I should finally give this a real try and
just an hour in the game had grown a lot on me, if only I had pushed
trough that first hour earlier. I really like how the game focus more
on the cities and citizens unlike most other RPGs
where you spend most time in dungeons.

I also like some of the odd and meta things like the dungeon which
explains how a good dungeon is made, quite common in indie games today
but quite unheard of in a SNES game, hehe.
Another fun thing is how the money is handled, call your dad and he will
transfer it to your account, haha. All those small an odd things add up and
make a really unique and good game.

The parts I didn’t like was how little the game focused on the playable
characters, it is almost like playing a party of four silent protagonists…
also the fights are quite repetitive, you end up using the same
few moves over and over.


The world is really great and I love how everything connects,
just take the bus to the next town over!

This is clearly a high budget game, I have never seen so many names in
the ending credits of a SNES game and there is a lot of translated signs etc
(unless they already where in english?). Great level of detail either way.

As a bonus I just had to put up this picture, it sticks out a bit from the
rest of the game but a really nice environment,
this or the desert was my favorite place:


2 thoughts on “Beaten game number 8 Earthbound

  1. Riktigt bra spel. Jag hade lite liknande känslor de första timmarna. Hade nog förväntat mig ngt annat. Mer story tror jag.
    Min favoritmiljö är nog inledningen/första staden. Framförallt när det är kväll och man beger sig mot “meteoriten”.
    Mother 1/ Earthbound Zero nu då? Jag tror jag är en av de få som har ettan som favorit. Den har lite utav ett mörker runt sig. En ganska speciell ensam, men bra, känsla.
    Värt att kolla in men Easy version känns bättre balanserad.


  2. Ja, spelet ger ett så väldigt annorlunda intryck jämfört med dom andra rollspelen till SNES men som sagt är jag glad att jag äntligen tog mig tid att ge det en ärlig chans!

    Jag vet ju att du har nämnt ettan som en favorit förut och det är anledning nog för att göra mig nyfiken, med lite tur kommer det också att finnas med på årets klarade-spel-lista, hehe.


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